Compendia was founded to create a new generation of software that fulfils the needs of the modern mobile enabled business. With the advent of the Apple iPad in April 2010 the world experienced a new way to interact with a computing device. Smaller Apps with more precise functionality were released at breakneck speed. There was an immediate desire to use these devices for business purposes as they were much more portable than the typical laptop. 

This presented a huge challenge for Small Business and Enterprise IT Departments as to how these 10s of thousands of new Applications could be integrated to existing systems. 

This led to App Clutter, many apps each with minimal or point functionality. There was also the fact that the consumer cloud file sharing services did not have the secure robustness that was required to protect confidential financial information and intellectual property, leading to the term cloud sprawl. In other words content being easily moved from one service to another or even shared easily on social networking sites. Not acceptable in the business world.

Compendia took a bottom up approach to the problem, building on a best in class secure platform for storage. App Clutter is eliminated by taking individual best of breed Business apps and integrating them into a single highly secure and collaborative app. So if you require Spreadsheets, Documents, PDF Annotation, Notes, Presentation, File Management, Collaboration, integration to existing Windows IT infrastructure, there is ONE App for all of that, Compendia.

The team has significant experience in building quality software products that are used in highly regulated environments, where the protection and availability of content is sacrosanct.