Powerful collaboration platform for mobile content in the regulated enterprise

With the advent of tablet devices and now larger smartphone screens, true productivity for the mobile user can be achieved in the regulated enterprise. Many of the conventional bloated PC based solutions are being replaced with easy to use yet insecure new mobile applications. This presents challenges for IT & Security Managers.


Compendia’s integration with MobileIron’s AppConnect mobile device and application management environment further enhances Compendia’s strong security. It increase the productivity that user’s want in the regulated enterprise without comprising company intellectual property or financial information.

Key Benefits

Compendia permits the editing of content on a mobile device whether that is a document, spreadsheet, Annotation, Voice Note or Electronic Signature yet done in a controlled but easy to use way. Financial advisors, for example, can interact with clients freely with clients electronically knowing that inadvertent distribution of information cannot occur. With full document centric permissions and associated audit trail, it satisfies the stringent requirement of IT and Security Managers

Key Features

  • A full mobile content and document management system that resides in an on premise or public cloud with no content ever left on any device.
  • Edit, Annotate, Voice Record, Electronic Signature with a consistent File view to the Desktop
  • Full audit trail, version control, and temporary Offline mode when no connectivity to Cloud with controlled Check In and Check Out of content.


The Compendia for ME AppConnect App is now available for iOS on the App Store. Please contact Compendia for Android platforms.